We bring commercial customers for cleaning companies

For the last 5 years we’ve been using the art of email marketing to bring B2B clients for cleaning companies. We do not send out spam – using special techniques, we send the right email to the right company at the right time.


Clients we brought include major construction companies, Ministry of Health, and over a hundred schools – with contracts totaling over €1M. Our main partner is the largest home cleaning company in Ireland CleanBee.ie

Some of the clients we’ve brought

Types of clients we bring might include:

Construction companies
Large offices
Accommodation buildings
Government organisations

What we do:

  • Locate potential clients

  • Introduce your company to them

  • Adjust your website to fit commercial clients

  • Consult you on best communication and contract practises

  • Usually work with just 1 partner per country (as to avoid competition among our own partners)

What we don’t do:

  • The cleaning

  • Communication with clients after introduction

  • Documentation, certification

Requirements to apply:

  • A minimum of 20 cleaners available

  • No later than 24 hour email response rate

  • Experience in construction cleaning (having certification is a strong plus)


  • How do you do this?

    We have a set of specialized email marketing techniques that work with B2B clients. Don’t worry, we don’t send out spam – instead, we find highly targeted businesses that might indeed be interested in your services.

  • How much does this cost?

    We usually charge a 10% fee from your sales to the client we brought. The term is usually 2 years. Once this period passes, the client becomes fully yours (no more fees for the particular client).

  • How soon will I get the first clients?

    After signing a partnership contract, we set up your email accounts and update your website if it needs a revamp. You can expect to receive the first enquiries in 1 month.

  • What countries do you work with?

    We currently work with several European countries: Ireland, Denmark, Finland.

  • Is there any investment required from us?

    None, except maybe the time to set up the email box and other details.