Probably the only digital agency specialising in
cleaning companies

We do two things: develop booking systems and attract business clients for cleaning companies.

With expertise in the field since 2018, we have made one of our partners grow from 2 cleaners (husband & wife) to a 100, making them the largest home cleaning company in Ireland.

Before us

After us (updated website)

Easy to use booking page, ability to add extras such as fridge bulbs, see available time slots in your area, apply coupon, receive email and SMS reminders & much more.

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Why us

  • Don’t make me think

    That is how most of your website visitors think. That’s why we create interfaces that are easy even for elderly customers

  • Your all-round partner

    We provide 2 types of services: sales and software. You can choose if you only need our sales services, our software development or both

  • Lower costs

    We’re based in Vilnius, Lithuania, a forest-looking city that’s home to multiple globally known unicorns. Lithuanian developers are held as some of the best in the world and highly respected for their reliability. Despite that, labor costs are still lower than that of the US following our recently gained freedom

  • Safe payments

    Pay in milestones for completed work

Stop looking for other IT experts. You need Nordic Plum

If you own a cleaning business, I highly recommend working with Arnas and his team. We have immersed ourselves into a full partnership that includes web development, email marketing and business consultations. The value this man has brought should be counted in the hundreds of thousands.

A. Jantauskas


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    We use 0 paper, actively recycle and encourage our team to replace car trips by bike trips or public transportation.
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    Supporting Ukraine
    We support Ukraine both by donations and by hiring Ukrainian developers.

    Direct donations: €1 200
    Updated February 27, 2024


  • What type of business clients can you bring for us?
    Construction companies, schools, government agencies & more.
  • How do your sale services work?
    We hop on a video call to walk through the process, then sign the contract and start our sales campaign. You only pay for a successful contract and the fee is simple: 10 %.
  • How much does a booking system cost?
    The only way to give an exact quote is to discuss your needs individually. For an estimation feel free to use our price calculator.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Vilnius, Lithuania - home to one of the glossiest start up scenes in the European Union.
  • How long have you been in business?
    As a company, we've had our first cleaning company client since 2018. In terms of employees, our most senior team member has been a developer since 1995.