About us – history

We are Lithuania-based digital agency. Our team comprises of 12 people who are all experts in their field: developers, designers, project managers and lawyers.

In the local market we work with large public organizations such as ministries or government agencies.

In the American market, however, we specialise in cleaning companies: bringing them sales and developing their websites.

As a software development company we work since 2016, gaining our first cleaning client in 2018. Our team includes programming veterans working in the field since 1994. We have had clients from Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Greece and the U.S.

Company name: MB “Nordic Plum”
Company code: 305792794
Perkūnkiemio g. 19, LT-12120 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 606 96460

Word from founder

My journey in the e-commerce world started back in 2009.

Being a teen in Lithuania and wanting to order items from eBay and other shops but not having the credit cards nor skills for that, I would find a person who would do it for me. Eventually I myself became that person. Soon I opened a website allowing people to buy things from abroad online, even if the seller doesn’t deliver to Lithuania. We would provide guarantees that you’ll get exactly what’s described or your money back.

In 2016, having shopped in hundreds of online stores and having learned why some of them thrive while others go bankrupt, I successfully sold my company and opened a software development firm.

As fate would have it, my first major client was a cleaning business in Ireland. In years that followed, me and my team have learned countless little nuances of the service, allowing us to provide full fledged service that isn’t just programming, but also sales and consulting. Our cooperation with the Irish company has brought them around $1M in sales revenue alone, and that’s not counting the revenue that comes through the booking system we created.

Meanwhile in Lithuania we’ve been working with ministries and other organizations with contracts worth $50K and more.

Arnas Mikulskis
Founder & CEO