Booking system specialised for cleaning companies

Broom Bookings is a rare booking system that’s tailored specifically to cleaners, their secretaries and cleaning firm owners. Having worked closely with cleaning companies for 6 years, we’ve designed the system to fit their needs from A to Z.

Assign bookings by cleaner’s location
stop wasting cleaners’ time and gas by making them drive back and forth

Well-displayed service list
customers will easily browse between service categories and see what’s included in each service

Bookings can be placed by customer or secretary
When booking online is not an option, secretary can create any type of booking on the Admin panel

List of main features

  • Locations
    To prevent cleaners from wasting time and gas circling around the area, cleaners will receive bookings no further than X km from their home or previous booking

  • Calendar
    See daily, weekly, monthly bookings, filter by customer, cleaner or service
  • Cleaner-specific service and pricing
    Some cleaners take longer than others? Some clean this, but don’t clean that? Set individual cleaning duration and deposit percentage for every cleaner, as well as their schedule and days off
  • Service extras
    Each service can have cleverly picked extra services (such as the changing of lightbulbs after cleaning the fridge) that will help you sell more
  • Rescheduling
    Cancellations can hurt your company. Instead, we recommend allowing customers to reschedule – and no later than 24h before their appointment, for that matter.
  • Payments
    Payments are done through Stripe directly to your account. Stripe is famous for its super easy interface.
  • Intuitive pricelist and checkout
    See services with photos, lists of “what’s included” and select quantities. Intuitive checkout with Google-backed address field & card payments.
  • Selecting favorite cleaner
    Customers often want to have the same cleaner that visited them previously, so if they’re available, we allow the customer to select them (otherwise the first available cleaner is assigned)
  • Fast & up
    System is optimised to load fast and uptime duration is than 99,9%.